Kite Features

Item Description Supported Features Notes
Data Types
  • Long (since v.b1.0)
  • String (since v.b1.0)
  • Timestamp (since v.b1.0)
  • GeoLocation (since v.b1.0)
  • List<type> (since v.b1.0)
  • Timestamp is represented as Long value as number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT.
  • GeoLocation could be a point location or a rectangular spatial region.
  • List "type" could be any of the primitive data types (Long, String, Timestamp, or GeoLocation).
Index Structures
  • Hash Index (since v.b1.0)
  • Spatial Grid Index (since v.b1.0)
Streaming Data Source
  • Network_TCP (since v.b1.0)
Stream Format
  • CSV: Comma Separated Values (since v.b1.0)
Query Top-k Ranking
  • Temporal: order by the latest timestamp (since v.b1.0)
Query Time Horizon
  • Arbitrary time interval (since v.b1.0)
Query Conditions
  • Equality conditions on non-spatial attributes (since v.b1.0)
  • Spatial range filtering conditions on spatial attributes (since v.b1.0)
  • AND and OR logical operators (since v.b1.0)
  • Non-nested parenthesis (since v.b1.0)